Alejandro Picker, Communications Director

Alejandro has been introduced to the media industry from a young age. Having been part of multiple productions, he has had first hand experience of the work, intelligence, and communications that is required to make successful multimedia productions. Alejandro has always advocated openness and truth. Dedicated to helping others learning, growing, and being more aware, he has joined efforts to bring important truths and facts to the main stream. Alejandro is committed to protecting our earth and life. Focusing on building and networking bleeding-edge technologies that integrate new media platforms, algorithms, advanced science and math, integrative CMS with custom front-end designs and UI, geo mapping, hardware/ software integration, and sustainable buildings/ infrastructure, he hopes to bring new tools in efforts to important issues like stereotypes in the media, climate change, world hunger and poverty. Alejandro is a strong promoter for good health, wellness and equal opportunity.

Alejandro Picker, Communications director